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The American Chemistry Council Invites Visitors to Tour Chemistry Facility

Article-The American Chemistry Council Invites Visitors to Tour Chemistry Facility

The American Chemistry Council (ACC) has posted on www.americanchemistry.com, a video tour of a modern day chemistry facility. The video tour will provide viewers with an inside look into the operation of ACC member facilities and answer questions about the industry.

“Many people have preconceived notions of what goes on inside a chemistry plant although they haven’t been inside one,” said Jack Gerard, president and CEO of ACC. “This video allows visitors to tour a facility so they can get a clear picture of a typical plant. Viewers will be able to see the environmental, health, safety, and security measures our member facilities have implemented and how the products they make are essential to our everyday lives.”

The video tour allows viewers to explore the inside of chemistry facilities and discover how clean, safe, and modern they are and also how workers, community, and consumers benefit. “Visitors will see first-hand that the safety and security of its workers and host communities is a top priority for American chemistry. The safeguards that ACC members put in place have resulted in a worker safety record more than five times better than the U.S. manufacturing average. In addition, ACC members have voluntarily invested nearly $5 billion to enhance security at their facilities.

Viewers will see that today’s facilities help the environment and contribute to a stronger America. Through efficient construction and the use of renewable solar and wind energy, the chemistry industry has made a concerted effort to reduce its energy consumption. As a result, chemistry plants have reduced emissions of six criteria air pollutants by over 43% in the last two decades and improved energy efficiency by 51% since 1974, and 27% since 1990.

To view the plant tour, please visit www.americanchemistry.com/planttour.

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