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3i's Technologies Releases Video on Rotary Scalpel Metering Feeder

3i’s Technologies Inc. recently released a new three-minute video showing the operation of the Rotary Scalpel metering feeder, which can be used for precision delivery of even the most difficult flowing powders, granules, and pellet materials for batching and packaging applications.

Volumetric, gain-in-weight or loss-in-weight configurations are available. The video features an animation that demonstrates the operation of the unique rotary scalpel action as well as live footage showing the rotary scalpel feeding one of the most difficult flowing powders, Titanium Dioxide (TIO2) grade R101, with high accuracy. Accuracies of +/- one half of a gram are typical, independent of batch size.

For a 100-g batch, as shown in the video, accuracy is better than +/- .5%. For a 1-kg batch that would be .05%, which at a six sigma level of confidence equates to +/- .3%. It is these accuracies that enable processors to realize fast ROI, and eliminate waste and increased profits.

Video footage shows the rotary scalpel in action with the cover removed in order to see the scalpel action as well as the rotary drum.  The metering unit is displayed from a variety of angles, showing delivery of a partial vane of material to complete the batch and including a birds-eye view looking down the hopper. The easy-to-operate touch-screen based HMI controls are demonstrated as well.

For links to the video, visit www.3istech.com/pr_rot_scalpel.html or go to www.youtube.com and type “rotary scalpel” in the search engine.

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