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Lightweight Food-Grade Vibrators

Article-Lightweight Food-Grade Vibrators

Martin Vibration Systems & Solutions' Bantam series of food-grade pneumatic vibrators
Martin Vibration Systems & Solutions' Bantam series of food-grade pneumatic vibrators

Martin Vibration Systems & Solutions (MVSS) introduces a series of food-grade pneumatic vibrators that enhance movement of moist, powdered, granular, or pelleted material through small hoppers, bins, and tubes. 

The Bantam Series offers powerful vibration and versatility in a small package. The low-noise, linear units are washdown-safe and are purpose built for sanitary applications. They are engineered to endure continuous use, even at high and low ambient temperatures (32°-140°F). Operating lubrication free with a low air consumption results in consistent bulk material flow with less downtime, at a lower cost of operation.

“Processing and packaging operations in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or plastics industries can have narrow choke points, leading to reduced throughput and production stoppages,” said Michael Holland, product group leader at MVSS. “The Bantam Series designs are small and durable, packing a surprising amount of power that helps move material efficiently without damaging the vessel.”

With three options in the series -- the NTS 80, the NTP 18, and the NTK 8AL HA -- the new models serve a wide range of applications. Sealed in a sturdy PTFE-clad aluminum alloy housing, the units attach to the facility’s existing compressed air network using an 1/8 NPT nickel-plated adapter fitting. The frequency can be adjusted by varying the pressure of the air supply and the amplitude by throttling the exhaust (NTK 8AL HA).

Approximately 5/8 -in. in diameter and 2 in. tall, the NTS 80 non-impacting linear vibrator was designed for applications with delicate construction and space constraints. Suitable for overcoming static friction and removing dry material build-ups, these vibrators are particularly effective on vessels with narrow discharge apertures and small volumetric capacity. 

Martin Engineering, Marine City, MI 810-765-7460 www.shake-it.com

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