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Imperial Systems Opening New Filter Manufacturing Facility

Image courtesy of Imperial Systems Inc. New_Facility_IMPERIAL_SYSTEMS.jpg
New facility that will be used for the company’s rapidly growing Imperial Filtration division.

Imperial Systems Inc. has acquired a new facility that will be used for the company’s rapidly growing division, Imperial Filtration. 

Formerly occupied by Reznor, a company that produced heating and cooling equipment, the facility will be completely renovated within a few months and is expected to bring an additional 50 new jobs in 2022.

“We are very excited about the acquisition and renovation of the former Reznor heater factory,” said president and CEO Jeremiah Wann. "This will bring new life to Mercer County and offer the people of Mercer and the surrounding areas an opportunity to work for a world-class company with the best wages and benefits. We have a passion for taking old factories and repurposing them into modern facilities. Four years ago, we purchased and refurbished the 95,000-sq-ft Chevron building on 62 between Mercer and Sharon. That building is probably the most well-known manufacturing building in the area. With the purchase of the Reznor and Chevron factory, we have revived two of the most iconic buildings in Mercer County. With the two factories we are planning to be operating with over 200 employees over the next four years. We are building this new division based on the same high morals and values that we have built the world-renowned Imperial Systems brand. All of the products that we build are designed to improve the health, safety and quality of people’s lives in factories around the world.”

The Imperial Filtration division will focus on manufacturing cartridge filters for industrial dust collection equipment.  Imperial Filtration takes their superior technology already used in the CMAXX’s DeltaMAXX filters and makes it available in filters for almost all industrial air filtration equipment.   During the renovation of this space, Imperial Filtration will also house a new state of the art ASHRAE Standard 199 test lab and rig.  This equipment will allow Imperial to further push the bar as the most innovative company in the Dust collection and air filtration market.

The former Reznor factory owned by Nortek once employed 300 employees, but they closed this facility in 2019.   The building is 90,000 sq ft and sits on 14 acres of land.  The building has 14 loading docks and is located within minutes of major highways.  This location allows quick shipments to most locations across North America.

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