Company Creates Prototype Textile-Storage Silo

December 2, 2015

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Company Creates Prototype Textile-Storage Silo

A Polish university and a Polish company have teamed up to create a textile bag that fits into storage silos, strengthening the facility and keeping grain from sticking to the walls. is reporting that Polish company Feerum licensed the use of the textile material from the Wrocław University of Technology for use as a prototype silo.

With funding from the European Union, Feerum built a prototype silo that is nearly 40 feet tall.

The website reports that a textile bag that can store 500 tons of material was inserted into the steel silo. In the initial test, the bag keeps corn kernels from sticking to the sides and limits more steel being added to reinforce the silo.

The prototype silo was created to ensure easier removal of material from silos but also to prevent silo damage. Silos that are filled with bulk material can weaken and cause denting, damage, or even collapse. The prototype is part of a six-silo project that Feerum built.

The textile project is considered one of Feerum’s flagship projects for developing innovative solutions for the dry processing storage industry.

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