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CAPS Announces Container Repair and Cleaning Services

Article-CAPS Announces Container Repair and Cleaning Services

Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS) has announced the availability of its container managed services-–cleaning and repair--to companies who own their own fleet of IBC totes or automotive bulk bins. Since 1998, CAPS has provided cleaning, repair, and tracking options exclusively to its trip and term container rental customers in the automotive, manufacturing, beverage, food, chemical, and cosmetic markets. In response to a growing number of requests from companies outside of its rental client base and the trend towards outsourcing in the current economic environment, CAPS has scaled up its resources to handle this growing demand. 

For the past 10 years, CAPS has been a leading provider of container rental and management solutions. In addition to continuing its dry and liquid container rental services, the company is allowing organizations with company-owned containers to choose whether they would like to have CAPS clean and repair their totes or bulk bins, or whether they would like to utilize these services individually.

“Companies who own their own fleet of plastic bulk bins or liquid totes have an ongoing need to maintain their fleet with custom welding, patches, parts replacement and deep cleaning,” said CAPS CEO Bob Wiedmaier. “By outsourcing these responsibilities to CAPS, companies will have more resources to focus on their core business, while reducing labor costs and increasing efficiency. With our years of experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and increasing number of container experts on staff, we are able to provide professional, quality services while handling requests efficiently.”

In addition to offering managed services for privately owned fleets, CAPS will continue to provide comprehensive trip and term container rental options which include managed services. 

“Providing container rental, in addition to individual managed services, makes CAPS the one-stop shop for dry and liquid container needs,” said Drew Merrill, CAPS’ VP business development. “Regular cleaning and repair increases the life of the containers, allowing companies to conserve capital required for new bins and totes, while promoting the extended reuse of containers which is better for the environment.”

To learn more or to request a free quote, visit www.usecaps.com.

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