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United Conveyor Corp. Awarded Contracts for 11 Dry Sorbent Injection Systems

Article-United Conveyor Corp. Awarded Contracts for 11 Dry Sorbent Injection Systems

United Conveyor Corp. (UCC) was recently awarded contracts for 11 Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems that include a total of 41 Viper mills. Dry sorbent injection is a leading technology for the removal of SO2, HCl, and SO3 acid gas emissions. UCC’s technology, including the new Viper mill, provides utilities with an efficient and economical method for emissions control.

The patented Viper mill is the only mill developed specifically for dry sorbent injection and delivers small particle size, high throughput, and cost savings. The Viper mill reduces sorbent usage by 30-50 percent compared with as-delivered material. In an SO2-removal application, that equates to a $3 million annual savings over unmilled trona for a typical 500MW PRB unit at a 60 percent SO2 removal rate. In SO3-removal applications, the high surface area sorbent particle size helps to achieve aggressive SO3 ppm targets, while reducing trona usage by more than 50 percent.

“The superior performance of the Viper mill and the depth of our in-line milling experience is a key differentiator in the market.  We are excited about the increasing demand for our Viper mills,” said Jon Norman, DSI technology manager, UCC. “Smaller particle size leads to lower sorbent quantity consumed. The Viper mill delivers the fastest return on capital investment.”

UCC has conducted more than 65 full-scale demonstration tests, 26 of these tests used the Viper mill, which successfully documented substantially lower sorbent usage. This test data allows customer lifecycle cost analysis to compare sorbent consumption with Viper mill usage, with other milling technologies or without using a mill.


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