November 29, 2017

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Pin Mill Cleans Rapidly
Munson’s 24-in.-diam pin mill

Munson’s 24-in.-diam pin mill grinds, sizes, de-agglomerates, and homogenizes friable or other materials into controlled particle sizes, from coarse to fine (400 mesh). Also known as a centrifugal impact mill, it is equipped with a stationary outer disc and a rotating inner disc, both of which are precision-machined and studded with impactor pins. As material enters through the center of the outer disc, centrifugal force created by the rotating inner disc propels the material radially through a destructive path of five intermeshing rows of rotating and stationary pins, producing the tight particle size desired by controlling the infinitely-variable rotor speed. Higher speeds to 5400 rpm pulverize friable powders, flakes, and granules into fine grinds. Slower speeds down to several hundred RPM provide coarse grinding and de-agglomerating.

Munson Machinery Company, Inc., Utica, NY 800-944-6644

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