March 14, 2019

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Particle Sizer Crusher-Milling Device
Atlantic Coast Crushers Particle-Sizer HH

The Particle-Sizer HH is a compact device with a high output capacity that can be used to reduce large chunks or lumps of dry bulk solids to a fine powder. It uses a high-speed spiked rotary cutter to sweep the solids past a series of sharp stationary cutter bars mounted in a 'sizing cage.'

The Particle-Sizer can be used by itself with moderately oversize materials or in combination with one of our other crusher designs for very large chunks, and optional cutter designs and cage sizes allow for output size adjustability as small as 50 mesh. This machine can be made to be suitable for sanitary applications and/or in a variety of exotic materials of construction.

Atlantic Coast Crushers Inc., Kenilworth, NJ 908-259-9292

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