Liquajet LLC Offers Advanced Grinding Technology

August 25, 2008

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Liquajet LLC Offers Advanced Grinding Technology

LiquaJet LLC recently introduced a new, advanced jet milling technology that will open the door to unlimited product innovation and enhancement opportunities. For the first time, compounds like polymers and plastics that were previously considered ungrindable or difficult to grind can be milled finer than ever before. LiquaJet LLC is the product of The Jet Pulverizer Company’s 60-plus years of experience jet milling and developing process solutions for fine powders.

LiquaJet LLC technology is a high intensity jet-milling process. Markets and materials that will greatly benefit from this new technology are those that value the highest purity and demand the finest powder possible. Plastic and polymeric materials that could only be reduced to a 100-200 micron average can be milled below a 30 micron average. Other applications and materials are yet to be explored. Organic materials used in the chemical, cosmetic, medical, and aviation industries can truly benefit from this breakthrough. Based on the patented Micron-Master jet pulverizer, the process offers superior, instant micronization with no attritional heat, no moving parts, and no contamination.

LiquaJet LLC is actively working with a select group of leading universities and other industry pioneers to develop novel size reduction solutions. These clients are looking for real processing answers and breakthroughs to mill some of the toughest engineered materials ever created. Results show significant enhancement in the utilization and yield of materials such as polycaprolactone (PCL), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), and polycaprolactam (Nylon6).

“We are exploring collaborative partnerships, working side-by-side with researchers as we push the envelope on testing and ultimately grinding the previously ungrindable,” said Bill Henry, lead engineer and co-founder of LiquaJet LLC. “We are looking for new applications and new partnerships for this new technology.”

The process engineers for LiquaJet LLC are available to consult with your scientists and engineers to explore product development and research possibilities. For more information or to discuss test grinding services, contact LiquaJet LLC at 856-235-5554 or visit

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