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Jet Mill

The Micronizer jet mill is a spiral jet mill with no moving parts that grinds and classifies powders to low and sub-micron particle sizes in a single operation using high-pressure compressed air, gas, or steam. For processing ceramic powders, product contact parts can be made from aluminum oxide, tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide, silicon carbide, as well as many polymeric compounds. The variety of replaceable liners provides protection against wear and contamination. The unit will accept a granular feed size of up to 20 mesh (850 microns), but 100-200 mesh (75-150 microns) is preferable to achieve maximum product fineness and maximum capacity. In most cases, it can mill ceramic powders to 1-10 microns, depending on the material's grindability. In some cases, the Micronizer can mill ceramic powders to as fine as 99% finer than 1 micron and 50% finer than 0.6 microns.
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