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Dry Grinding to Nano-Sizes Achieved

Utilizing the new patent-pending s-JET system developed by Netzsch-Condux, Custom Processing Services Inc. will be the first toll processor in North America to offer final particle sizes in the sub-micron range that are produced through dry grinding.

Super-heated steam is used as a grinding gas in fluidized bed jet mills with the s-JET process. The high-velocity steam enables the classification of particles in the submicron range.

Additionally, the new S-JET system provides a higher flow energy compared to air, leading to an increase of the mill throughput versus those obtained via air (more than double).

This higher efficiency results in cost-savings and the highest possible product yield. The S-JET system also facilitates processing of difficult products, optimum product performance, highest product purity, steep particle size distribution, and virtually contamination-free grinding.

Custom Processing Services, Reading, PA, offers a full range of particle size reduction options, from crushing and pulverizing to micronizing and media milling.

For more information about toll processing or the S-JET system, visit www.customprocessingservices.com.

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