Combined Shredder and Granulator

March 31, 2015

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Combined Shredder and Granulator
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Cumberland, an ACS Group brand and manufacturer of auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry, offers the Combi-shredder – a design that combines a shredder and granulator into a single unit to speed productivity and conserve floor space, while improving uptime associated with size-reduction operations.  

The Combi-shredder offers an integrated system for shredding and granulating plastic scrap. The new unit features a shredder stacked directly onto the granulator so that shredded scrap is directly discharged to the granulator. The direct feed, combined with the elimination of separate conveying steps, saves time and increases productivity in virtually any plastics processing and post-consumer resin reclamation application. Synchronized shredding and granulating speeds further enhances productivity. The Combi-shredder delivers throughput capabilities of up to 500-700 kg/hr. The combined shredder-granulator operations also help reduce energy consumption.  

By stacking the shredder and granulator and eliminating conveyors, the Combi-shredder consumes a smaller footprint when compared with separate machines. With varying configurations to meet a wide range of size reduction applications, size-dimensions remain compact:

•    Model 40/80S: height 2420 cm; width 950 cm; 2140 cm
•    Model 60/80S: height 2420 cm; width 950 cm; 2500 cm
•    Model 80/80S: height 2420 cm; width 950 cm; 2650 cm

The Combi-shredder is also engineered with features designed to ensure optimum uptime and ease-of-use:

•    Cutter reversal mechanism: Designed to prevent structural overload which can lead to machine damage.
•    Unique rotor design: The rotor recirculates partially shredded material prior to granulation, ensuring ingestible scrap size for granulation.
•    Blade level sensors: To avoid damage, the sensors automatically shut the Combi-Shredder down when clogged.
•    Anti-torsion shaft: Uniquely designed to resist stress for longer life.
•    Accessibility: Mechanical components can be readily accessed and easily removed and reinstalled to speed maintenance and maximize uptime.
•    Intuitive controls: Designed for ease of operation, the controls feature a color touch screen to provide operators key information that includes all operating parameters and full-range diagnostic information.

ACS Group, New Berlin, WI 262-641-8600

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