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S+S Celebrates 30 Years in Metal Detection

Thirty years ago, S+S launched its first metal detection and separation system, called the RAPID 1000. Designed specifically for the plastics industry, it was the first metal detector able to detect all metals in free-flowing materials. Today the name remains for metal detectors for free-flowing materials but has now reached RAPID 8000, a high-capacity version for use with a wide range of free-flowing materials.

In the last 30 years, S+S has offered metal detectors, metal separators, and magnet separators for almost all industry sectors, both for machine protection and quality inspection. With subsidiaries and agents in 50 countries, S+S is one of the world's leading manufacturers and developers of inspection, separation, and sorting systems with many thousands of systems installed. Systems are used in process, packaging, and production lines throughout industry and in the specialized preparation of materials for recycling. From the induction ring technology used in the early years, S+S has developed a range of technologies, including X-ray and video, for the high-speed end-of-line inspection of packaged food products and color sorting recycled plastic flake.

For more information, visit www.sesotec-usa.com.

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