Spouting Line Inspection Magnet

The SLIM features a 52 grade rare earth Opti-B balanced circuit

Powder Bulk Solids Staff

September 11, 2019

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Image courtesy of Industrial Magnetics Inc.

Booth 1721 - The SLIM Series spouting line inspection magnets are designed to offer simple inspection points in spouting lines with the easy installation of a flanged unit.

The SLIM features a 52 grade rare earth Opti-B balanced circuit with a high-performance blend of 9,500 gauss and 16.7 lb of pull strength on a ½-in. ball. The magnet is mounted to a clamped door plate assembly and is always in the product flow.

Designed to help inspect for any ferrous or weakly magnetic stainless contaminants, the operator simply needs to unclamp and extract the assembly to perform a visual check. 

The SLIM series is intended to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive foreign contamination program and should be strategically placed at several locations throughout the process stream, including discharge points of mixers, sifters, screws, and anywhere else that product drops into a gravity spout.

Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 231-582-3100 www.magnetics.com

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