Lightweight, Programmable Sonic Sifter

November 22, 2019

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Lightweight, Programmable Sonic Sifter
Tsutsui SW-20AT programmable sonic sifter

Your fine powder needs to be sifted and separated, but it's clogging a standard sifter or sieve shaker. Needing to punch in settings like the timer before every round of sifting is frustrating and wastes time. You must double check the remained amount on the screen every time to make sure your sifting is consistent. The machinery is bulky and heavy, so it takes time to disassemble/assemble the sieve.

This programmable sonic sifter was specifically engineered for fine particles (5 to 50 microns) with a bonus set-it-and-forget-it memory feature. It provides consistent results without the hassle. The lightweight and compact design make the programmable sonic sifter ideal for laboratory or workbench use.

Tsutsui also offers an electromagnetic micro vibro sifter that is ultra compact with high efficiency. With the use of wet sieving adapters (option), a fine powder (45µm or less) that is hard to separate into size ranges through dry sieving and a powder that tends to form lumps due to poor flowability or runs poorly due to static charges may be separated by size through wet sieving with a stainless wire mesh (down to 20µm opening sieve) or a micro-sieve (down to 5µm opening nylon mesh).

Tsutsui Scientific Instruments, c/o AAAmachine Inc., Des Plaines, IL 847-481-8264

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