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Industrial Magnetics Expands Magnetic Tube Offerings

IMI has added two rare-earth magnetic circuit selections to its Opti Series of magnetic tubes.
IMI has added two rare-earth magnetic circuit selections to its Opti Series of magnetic tubes.

Industrial Magnetics Inc. has added two rare-earth magnetic circuit selections to its Opti Series of magnetic tubes. The Opti-L and Opti-T circuits have been specifically designed to meet the changing needs and requirements facing processing facilities with regard to various compliance and regulatory initiatives.

The Opti-L is a large-tube magnetic circuit with over 12,000 gauss designed for product applications with poor flow characteristics or bridging tendencies.

The Opti-T is a high-temperature circuit with durability and heat tolerance up to 356°F.

The Opti Series addresses new standards for magnet separators set forth in schemas such as FSMA, HACCP, GFSI, BRC, FSSC, and SQF. Each circuit is designed to optimize values that have been identified and earmarked as critical measurements for the specification, purchase, audit, verification, and validation requirements for magnetic separation equipment, and meets a minimum and measurable threshold of repeatable magnet performance.

"With regard to the stringent and evolving standards around food safety, IMI is the only manufacturer of foreign body detection and removal equipment certified by HACCP International for the North American market,” said IMI's compliance engineer, Ken Gentner. “This distinction validates our commitment to meeting the increasing demands of industry, customers, and regulatory agencies."

There are now six rare-earth circuit configurations in the Opti Series family. These are available on IMI products including magnetic grates, grate tubes, drawer-in-housings, pneumatic line housing, Ox, Bullet magnet, and large tube housing.

The Opti Series includes:

* Opti-B: Balanced circuit ideal for abrasive applications, featuring a high-performance blend of 9500 gauss and 16.7 lb of pull strength on a ½-in. ball
* Opti-G: Circuit that optimizes magnetic field at 12,000 gauss
* Opti-H: HACCP International Food Safety Programme Certification-approved circuit with over 11,000 gauss and 106 oz of pull strength on a ¼-in. ball
* Opti-L: Over 12,000 gauss large tube circuit for products having flowability issues, bridging tendencies
* Opti-P: Circuit that boasts 119 oz of pull strength on a ¼-in. ball
* Opti-T: High-temperature rare earth circuit with high durability and heat tolerance up to 356°F

Industrial Magnetics Inc., Boyne City, MI 888-582-0821 www.magnetics.com

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