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High Sensitivity Metal Detectors

EriezExtremely sensitive E-Z Tec DSP metal detectors detect ferrous, nonferrous, and stainless steel contaminants. This state-of-the-art metal detector, which features advanced digital signal processing, is ideal for customers in the food, textile, pharmaceutical, rubber, chemical, and many other industries. It utilizes a standard three-coil aperture arrangement to send a signal to the unit’s control for digital processing. The touch-screen (1/4 VGA) interface allows users to view multiple line items at a glance, making setup, monitoring, and operation straightforward and simple. All numeric data and value entries are made through on-screen calculator type interfaces, eliminating the need to scroll through long lists. For improved function and simplified diagnostics, the electronics have been consolidated and multiple detectors can be monitored and controlled from a single PC, providing plant-wide access to data and reports. Remote diagnostics, as well as company-wide control and monitoring, is easily added by installing Eriez’ free E-Z Link software.
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