Fast, Economic Alternative to Sieving

April 14, 2015

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Fast, Economic Alternative to Sieving
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The new Analysette 28 ImageSizer is an instrument for analysis of particle shape and size of dry, free-flowing powders and bulk solids in a measuring range from 20 µm to 20 mm. Via the optical analysis of particle shape and particle size, damaged particles, contaminates, agglomerates, or oversized or undersized particles are identified accurately and fast, and can be viewed as single images. At the same time, the instrument offers a fast and efficient particle size measurement. The measuring time, depending on the sample quantity, is below five minutes, and the result is available immediately. This makes the Analysette 28 ImageSizer a measuring instrument for quality control, as well as for research and for laboratory tasks – and it is the fast alternative to sieving.

Fast and Economic Alternative to Sieving
If you perform many and frequent sieve analyses, the Analysette 28 ImageSizer is a time-saving alternative in just three steps: Load the sample, start the measurement, read the result - without any weighing, assembling of a sieve stack, and elaborate cleaning. Follow-up costs are reduced since calibration and initial purchases of sieves are omitted. Valuable information about the particle shape is received.

Fast Analysis of Particle Shape and Size
* Extra wide measuring range 20 µm – 20 mm, individually adaptable
* High-performance camera with telecentric lenses
* Extensive library for morphological analysis
* Practical tools for reliable quality monitoring
* Fast, simple operation via SOP control
* Freely editable report generator for individual measurement reports

Powerful Camera, Strong Lenses, Simple Operation
The core of the Analysette 28 ImageSizer is a five megapixel camera, which assures highest resolution even with smallest particles. The telecentric lenses guarantee images of each individual particle absolutely free of distortions and always in the same scale – no matter where it is located in the measurement volume.

Optimal Sample Flowrate via Controlled Feeder and AutoCheck
The U-shaped cross section of the feeder channel ensures a good material flow. The AutoCheck function determines and controls the particle concentration. The ideal feed rate of the feeder can be set according to the sample properties in the SOP. The advantage: always the optimum number of particles per image for a reliable and significant analysis.

Easy Analysis at a Glance
Even the evaluation of the measuring results is simple with the Analysette 28. The evaluation software ISS displays each recorded particle clearly as a data point in the immediately available Fritsch Cloud. Its position in this Cloud shows the really important information for you about the morphology. You freely choose which statement is of interest to you: the sphericity in regards to the minimum feret diameter, the aspect ratio, applied on the porosity, or the convexity as a function of the particle cross section. Several measurements can be displayed simultaneously in a chart and you will immediately see the differences between the respective samples.

Fritsch GmbH, Idar-Oberstein, Germany +49 67 84 70 146

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