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Eriez Expands Spare Parts Inventory

Article-Eriez Expands Spare Parts Inventory

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Eriez has invested millions into spare parts inventory.
Move will help customers avoid downtime

Eriez has invested millions into spare parts inventory within its recently expanded Service and Repair Center to meet increased demand and help customers keep production moving. 

“Our focus is on increasing ‘smart inventory’ every year,” said John Klinge, Eriez director of strategic sales-aftermarket. “This means the parts we stock can be sold as spare parts, used for repairs, or incorporated in new equipment builds. This approach reduces turnaround time for repairs, speeds up delivery of new equipment, and minimizes downtime when a customer must replace a part.” 

Eriez sells both standard and custom equipment to handle the unique requirements of manufacturers around the country in diverse industries. Klinge explained that Eriez stocks parts that integrate with Eriez equipment as well as competitors’ products. “We maintain a balance of stock components--such as motors, reducers, bearings, and plastic chain belts--which are applicable to most standard equipment, as well as custom parts for Eriez state-of-art products specially designed to meet a customer’s specific application requirements,” said Klinge.

While Eriez can ship sparts quickly--sometimes even next-day--the company’s service team encourages customers to be proactive to ensure they maintain optimum productivity. “We always suggest that customers keep a supply of wear parts and highly customized components on-hand,” said Klinge.  

The Eriez Service and Repair Center is located at the company’s Wager Road plant near its corporate headquarters in Erie, PA. In addition to spare parts, the center offers a 24/7 service hotline, on-site field service equipment remanufacturing, and full “as new” warranties. For more information, visit http://erieznews.com/nr571.

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