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Dual-Cut Point Classification System on Mobile Platform

Article-Dual-Cut Point Classification System on Mobile Platform

Van Tongeren mobile dual classification system
Van Tongeren mobile dual classification system

Van Tongeren America unveils a mobile version of its novel dual classification system. An entire dry particle processing plant set on a standard truck base, the system automatically separates cement, fly ash, potash, fertilizer, alumina, manufactured sand, and other materials into three different product streams instead of just two to meet targeted gradation specifications for three products at the same time.

Often allowing material commonly discarded as waste to be converted into a third revenue stream, the portable classifying system transforms small, remote and/or arid locations into viable opportunities for extraction while permitting movement among multiple sites.

Featuring the company's proprietary design that operates without any water or moving parts, the portable air classifier plant integrates the company's gravitational-inertial classifier (gic) with its centrifugal classifier (CC) to separate the feed material at any cut point from 300 to 63 µm (50 to 230 mesh) during the initial pass then at any cut point between 100 to 15 µm (950 to 150 mesh), all with a uniform distribution. The pneumatic classifier forms the feed material into a falling curtain and directs it into the GIC. Particles that meet the first gradation specification are removed and the rest enter the CC. Materials that meet the second gradation specification are removed and the rest directed onto a conveyor or into a cyclone as appropriate.

The mobile dual point classification system is custom designed at the company's Lebanon, PA headquarters to meet target production goals and material specifications for each installation. The system is proven to perform continuously in unattended 24/7 operation.

Van Tongeren America LLC, Lebanon, PA 717-450-3835 www.van-tongeren.com

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