Detectable Plastics for Food Production

March 31, 2015

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Detectable Plastics for Food Production
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Ensinger Inc. has developed a family of engineering plastics to overcome the innate invisibility of plastic to screening devices such as x-ray machines and metal detectors. These devices, along with visual inspection, are commonly used in food production to make sure unwanted particulates do not end up in the food product.

Ensinger Tecaform UD blue, Tecaform FG blue, and Hydex 4101 UD blue are being used for kettle scraper blades, impellor parts, and pump valves. Wear and tear can cause these parts to chip or break during a production run. Since these plastic parts are in contact with the food during scraping and mixing, potential for particulates to be incorporated into the finished food product is a risk if not detected. Utilizing this detectable product line minimizes this risk.

Engineers have been specifying Ensinger engineering materials in the food industry for many years. Over these years, the company has performed intensive testing on the effectiveness of technology used in the detectable products, but always suggests to companies that they do their own testing. One company completed extensive testing on Hydex 4101 UD blue. They found the product to be detectable 100% of the time in pieces as small as 4 mm. In pieces as small as 3 mm, the product was detectable 99.5% of the time.

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