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October 24, 2022

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Bunting introduces the metal detector checkweigher combo.Image courtesy of Bunting

Both metal detection and weighing are vital to the packaging of products. Machines that do one or the other have been in use for a long time. So why not incorporate the two? Having a combination unit with one common interface resolves having separate machines with separate controls to perform required inspections. Bunting has combined the two with the metal detector checkweigher combo.

“We have seen the need for this product in the industry for many years,” said Barry Voorhees, Bunting product manager metal detection. “We have been in development on it over the last couple of years once we determined we had the best technology for the market.”

Using the best weigh cell available, using Electro Magnetic Force Restoration (EMFR) technology instead of traditional strain gauges used in other scales, the metal detector checkweigher combo allows for higher repeatability and higher part rates leading to better accuracy than other units. Having one common interface for the operator makes the metal detector checkweigher combo user friendly and easy to operate.

Here’s how it works: Moving along a conveyor, the package is first inspected for metal. If traces of metal are detected, the package is automatically rejected without slowing down the line. As pure packages continue along the conveyor, they are then checked for accurate weight. If it is either over or under the prescribed weight, then it is rejected into a different bin. 

“We have a committed focus on product inspection. We have been in magnets and metal detection for decades and we have felt for some time it makes sense to integrate multiple inspection devices into one easy to use product,” said Voorhees. 

Industry targets for the metal detector checkweigher combo include food, pet food, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical packaging. Product tests can be scheduled in Bunting’s Customer Experience Center For information, email [email protected].

Bunting, Newton, KS 316-284-2020 buntingmagnetics.com

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