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Powder/Bulk Solids

The Source for Dry Processing and Bulk Handling Technology

Powder Bulk Products Inc.

PO Box 248
Lexington, Michigan 48450
United States
Phone: 810-359-0130
Fax: 810-359-0132
http://www.powderbulkproducts.com [email protected]
Bindicator Level Controls, RF, RADAR, Tuning Fork, RotoPRO, HI Temp; Kistler-Morse, Load Cells, SILO Weighing with ETHERNET; VOLUMETRIC and LIW Screw Feeders, BULK BAG Unloaders-Loaders, Bin Activators, CONTINUOUS MIXERS; MoistTech Online Moisture; Ensign, Box Dumpers, Tippers, Bulk Bag Equipment, Screw Conveyors, Systems; Everlasting Valves, INDESTRUCTABLE Solids VALVES for Fly Ash, Cement, Abrasives, Slurries, 1500F; MCR Belt Scales, Metal Separators-MAGNETS; SWR Dry Bulk Flowmeters; Slide Gates, Blowers, Diverters; Camcorp Dust Collectors; Rembe High Accuracy DRY FLOWMETERS; AND Dust Removal from Regrind, EDUCTORS, Plug Chute Sensors, LIQUID-SOLID MIXING SYSTEMS, Pneumatic Conveying, VIBRATORS, Flexible Screw Conveyors, ENGINEERING-SYSTEMS-INSTALLATION.