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Powder/Bulk Solids

The Source for Dry Processing and Bulk Handling Technology

Jim Robbins & Associates Inc.

240 Forest Ave Ste 503 PO Box 4779
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37405
United States
Phone: 423-756-4052
Fax: 423-756-0461
http://www.robbinsassoc.com [email protected]
Since 1980, Jim Robbins and Associates has been a leader in bulk solids handling and air pollution control equipment. We serve clients in Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Virginia. Our focus always has always rested on one thing: making every installation a win for the client. We want to reduce your costs, improve your process, and make sure that you meet your operational goals. We are now the proud exclusive representatives for approximately 20 primary manufacturers, with a track record of delivering high-performance, customized solutions. At Jim Robbins and Associates, we match our offerings to the needs of our customers. That means we sit down and listen to those needs before we recommend anything—and we work to understand your application. We have a wide portfolio of solutions we can offer, but the right one will depend on your product, your operation setup, your goals and the other equipment you’re using.
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