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Wye Line Diverter

Article-Wye Line Diverter

Vortex Valves North AmericaThe patented Quantum Series 4-Way Wye Line Diverter directs powder, pellets, or granules from one source to four destinations, or converges from four sources to one destination. It is engineered to handle dry bulk solids in pneumatic conveying systems with vacuum or positive pressures up to 15 psig. Available in 2- to 6-in. pipe or tube, the diverter can be constructed of stainless steel, aluminum, and/or carbon steel. Customizing the diverter to meet system requirements is easy with a wide selection of actuators, position indication switches, flanges, and tube stubs. The unit also offers a wide variety of modifications to accommodate high or low temperatures, corrosive, humid, and hazardous environments.
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