Vacuum Conveyors

February 22, 2011

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Vacuum Conveyors

pb11704Spiroflow.JPGThese vacuum conveyors are ideal for long-distance conveying applications over torturous routes. The system is easy to route, has few moving parts, is dust tight in operation, and empties product leaving minimum residue. Typical throughput rates are up to 10 tn/hr, at distances of 330 ft that can be exceeded depending on the material being conveyed. Vacuum conveyors are well suited for toxic or otherwise hazardous materials since air is sucked-in and, in the event of accidental damage to the conveying tubes, prevents product escape to the atmosphere. These conveyors usually are the only way to suck material out of tubs or other open top conveyors such as kegs and drums and are also ideal for applications with multiple inlets. Reverse jet self-cleaning filters clean the conveying air that is returned to the atmosphere after use, reduces maintenance, and minimizes product loss.
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