Vacuum Conveyor Features Electropolished Stainless Steel

April 8, 2020

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Vacuum Conveyor Features Electropolished Stainless Steel
Piab piFLOWfc vacuum conveyor

The piFLOWfc vacuum conveyor handles chocolates, cookies, chips, and coffee as well as certain chemicals.

Used for vacuum conveying of food, as well as chemicals that do not require the use of full acid-resistant stainless steel, Piab’s new piFLOWfc is a premium heavy-duty vacuum conveyor.

Using the same design as the company’s premium range piFLOWp and piFLOWt conveyors, but in electropolished stainless steel (ASTM 304) rather than the acid-resistant grade (ASTM 316L), piFLOWfc serves manufacturers of confectionary and baking goods, snacks, tea and coffee, pet food, nutraceuticals, detergents, batteries, and more.

The piFLOWfc offers a fully contained unit that enables toxic and allergenic powders to be transported without the risk of operators and the surrounding work environment being exposed to hazardous materials. 

COAX technology, used throughout the piFLOW conveyor range, ensures that vacuum is created in the most energy- and cost-effective way possible, and is only used when the pump is running. Automatic filter cleaning and an overall hygienic design make piFLOWfc easy to clean and requiring minimal maintenance. The conveyor complies with contact requirements according to FDA, EC No 1935/2004, and EC No 10/2011.

Available in a wide capacity range from 3 to 33 l per conveying cycle, up to 8 tn/hr, it offers high throughput with a small footprint.

Piab USA, Hingham, MA 800-321-7422

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