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Gericke USA Unveils Pneumatic Conveying System

Gericke Pulse-Flow PTA dense phase pneumatic conveying system
Gericke Pulse-Flow PTA dense phase pneumatic conveying system

Featuring a proprietary design, the Pulse-Flow PTA dense phase pneumatic conveying system directs the air or nitrogen into the pressure vessel and pipeline in timed, regular pulses that form the dry material into separate, wavelike, pulsed slugs.

Creating a gentle conveying action, the Pulse-Flow PTA operates at high pressures with low gas velocities to safely convey sensitive products in mass flow up to 500 ft to a hopper, reactor vessel, silo, railcar, or other receiving destination with minimal particle degradation or separation.

Ideal for conveying fragile, free-flowing and cohesive powders, granulates, coarse-grained products, and a wide variety of bulk food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral, plastic, and other products, the automated Pulse-Flow PTA conveying system encompasses the feeding hopper, pressure vessel, pipeline, conveying, and secondary air supply, and the company's computer-driven, touch-screen control system. The integrated conveying system is designed for reliable, unattended, 24/7 operation with easy access for cleaning, minimal wear on bends and piping for low maintenance, and low gas consumption for cost savings.

Custom engineered for each application, the Gericke systems are designed to meet target throughput rates, conveying distances, footprints, particle size distributions, and other requirements in either batch or continuous operation.

Gericke USA Inc., Somerset, NJ 855-888-0088 www.gericke.net

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