Webinar will discuss differences between dense and dilute phase and when to use each

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On Wednesday, May 4, 2022 at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific, Jack D. Hilbert, consultant, Pneumatic Conveying Consultants LLC, will present "Dense Phase Conveying: Are You Getting What You Expected?" as part of Powder & Bulk Solids' DryPro webinar series.

Dense phase conveying offers the opportunity to mitigate the abrasive wear you may be experiencing in your pneumatic conveying system or to protect the integrity of the material being conveyed without the breakage and generation of excessive fines, etc. during the conveying process.

Dense phase conveying also has a principle of operation very different than a conventional dilute phase pneumatic system; it can be significantly influenced by the material physical properties and requires more attention to the air-to-solids ratio and the control of the air-to-solids mixture.

This webinar will provide an understanding of the dense phase principle of operation, the parameters that have the most influence on the system performance, and recommendations to consider if your current dense phase system is not providing the results originally expected.

The recommended audience for this webinar would be those who have direct interface with the pneumatic conveying systems in their facilities and especially those who are contemplating the replacement of existing dilute phase system with a dense phase solution.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • Definition of dense phase pneumatic conveying

  • Differences between dense phase and traditional dilute phase pneumatic conveying

  • When & when not to select dense phase pneumatic conveying

  • Actual results of implementing a dense phase system versus original expected results

Jack D. Hilbert is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with his bachelor’s degree (1973) and master’s degree (1980) in mechanical engineering. Hilbert spent nearly 40 years as a registered professional engineer in several states. After working for more than 32 years for globally based companies providing pneumatic conveying systems and equipment, Hilbert joined forces with Paul Solt in the pneumatic conveying consulting business known as Pneumatic Conveying Consultants LLC, located in Schnecksville, PA.

Hilbert has authored many technical papers, made presentations, and conducted in-house training courses around the world dealing with the application, design, operations, and troubleshooting of pneumatic conveying systems.

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