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Blower Packages

Article-Blower Packages

Eurus BlowerBoth the bi-lobe (MG Series) and tri-lobe (ZG Series) blowers are rated for 15 psig pressure or 15 in. Hg vacuum, providing air flows up to 3950 cfm. The blowers feature integral-shaft ductile iron impellers, dual splash lubrication, oversized cylindrical roller bearings, piston ring air seals, lip-type Viton oil seals, and both low vibration and noise. These packages include: a high-efficiency integrated intake filter/silencer with washable polyurethane filter media; combination base and heavy-duty integrated discharge silencer for smaller footprint and assembly; V-belt drive and guard with auto tensioning for reduced maintenance costs; and vibration dampeners.
Eurus Blower, Suffolk, VA 630-221-8282 www.eurusblower.com