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Air Conveyors Convert Pipe for Corrosive Environments

EXAIR Type 303 stainless steel 2½ NPT threaded line vac air-operated conveyor
EXAIR Type 303 stainless steel 2½ NPT threaded line vac air-operated conveyor

EXAIR’s new Type 303 stainless steel 2½ NPT threaded line vac air-operated conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim, and other bulk materials.

They are ideal for food, chemical, and pharmaceutical processes or areas likely to be wet and corrosive that require the benefits of 303SS, including excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, performance in higher temperatures, long service life, and low maintenance. Their larger size makes them ideal for conveying bigger parts and large volumes of material over long distances. The threaded line vac is designed to attach to standard plumbing pipe couplers, making it easy to build a complete system using common pipe and fittings that are readily available.

Threaded line vac conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air to produce a vacuum on one end with high output flows on the other. Response is instantaneous and regulating the compressed air pressure provides infinite control of the conveying rate. Applications include scrap trim removal, material conveying, part transfer, fiber tensioning, and filling operations.

The 2½ NPT 303SS threaded line vacs are CE compliant and meet OSHA pressure requirements. The complete size range is 3/8 NPT through 3 NPT. Threaded line vac models are also available in type 316 stainless steel for even more demanding high temperature, corrosive, and hygienic environments.

EXAIR Corp., Cincinnati, OH 800-903-9247 exair.com

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