New Tablet Presses Offer Higher Yields, Flexible Design

June 1, 2015

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New Tablet Presses Offer Higher Yields, Flexible Design
Bosch Packaging Technology's Manesty TPR tablet presses improve overall equipment effectiveness

Bosch Packaging Technology offers a new range of Manesty TPR tablet presses that includes the TPR 200 for small to medium batches and the TPR 700 for high-production volumes.

Designed to improve overall equipment effectiveness, all three machines offer an integrated die option, a modular powder feeding system, and an easy-to-operate Human Machine Interface (HMI).

“The successful launch of the TPR 500 confirms that the new range offers exactly what pharmaceutical manufacturers require,” says John Murphy, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology Ltd in Knowsley, UK. “Based on their feedback, we have now developed two further models to meet the industry’s demands for high yields, as well as flexible and efficient production.”
Three Machines for Different Batch Sizes
The TPR 500 can produce more than 400,000 tablets per hour, using standard tooling on a small footprint. It is particularly suited for MUPS (multiple unit pellet system) products without any additional equipment. “This also demonstrates Bosch’s line competence, as the pellets can be made on a Hüttlin system and then either enclosed in capsules or pressed as tablets,” Murphy explains.  
The new TPR 200 is designed for small to medium batches with outputs of up to 230,000 tablets per hour. “With the TPR 200, we offer customers an economic machine with a hygienic easy-to-clean design and compact footprint,” Murphy says. “Its modular data acquisition system makes it the ideal platform for the development and evaluation of tableting formulations.”

Its flexible design includes options for R&D configuration, containment applications, as well as bi-layer tablets. The latter is also available on the new double-sided TPR 700. Both tablet presses can be quickly converted into a bi-layer version that ensures a clear demarcation between the different tablet layers, thus avoiding cross-contamination.
As the largest tablet press of the series, the TPR 700 is capable of producing more than one million tablets per hour. It is suited for a wide range of compressible products, including non-pharmaceutical materials such as vitamins. The length of the feeding system provides excellent weight consistency at high speeds. Due to its ergonomic design, both production and technical areas of the tablet press are easily accessible. Furthermore, a two-level production zone ensures the complete segregation of production and technical areas even when removing the exchangeable turret.
Bosch Packaging Technology, Waiblingen, Germany +44 151 547 8027

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