Virtual Reality for the Packaging Industry

February 3, 2016

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Virtual Reality for the Packaging Industry
The VR Center Schwäbisch Hall provides access to virtual applications and 3D presentations.

The VR Center Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Wuerttemberg is a joint project of the packaging cluster Packaging Valley Germany e.V. and provides access to virtual applications and 3D presentations.

On Friday, January 22, 2016, the VR Center was presented for the first time to a select audience, namely to member companies of Packaging Valley, initiators, sponsors, and supporting state organizations, together with other parties involved in concept and development. A further partner in the concept and implementation phase was the “Vision Dimension Center” (VDC) in Fellbach. The essential participation was provided by the following packaging companies and members of Packaging Valley: Optima packaging group GmbH, kocher-plastik Maschinenbau GmbH, and itek GmbH, provider of engineering services, which will also take over on-site management in the capacity of VR specialist.

Virtual Reality, with its many-faceted possibilities, is already a key future technology in the specialist machine engineering sector, but can also be used by architects and other production, design, and development industries. Machines are presented in a virtual environment. This enables definitive spatial concepts and views from a number of different perspectives that would often not be possible in reality. The prime target is primarily that of driving forward the power of innovation in conjunction with efficacious cooperation and development.

“The future lies in virtual development and implementation,” said Kurt Engel, managing director of Packaging Valley. Further possible applications are currently being worked on by experts and partners of the network.

About Packaging Valley
Founded 2007, Packaging Valley Germany is a network of 40 companies from the packaging industry in the South of Germany. In the metropolitan area between Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Nuremberg, you will find inventors and producers of state-of-the-art packaging technologies concentrated in and around the cities of Schwäbisch Hall and Crailsheim, in particular. A workforce of approximately 7000 is employed in the packaging machine engineering industry in the Packaging Valley region. With an export share of more than 80%, Packaging Valley technology can be found virtually anywhere in the world.

Packaging Valley Germany e.V., Schwäbisch Hall, Germany +49 791 5801-14

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