Supply Chain Security System Expedites Inquiry Response

June 2, 2015

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Supply Chain Security System Expedites Inquiry Response

Pharma Tech Industries, one of the largest pharmaceutical contract manufacturers and packagers of powder products in the world, has launched a new hotline response protocol to further shorten the timeframe from initial customer inquiries and challenges to Pharma Tech’s responses and, ultimately, solutions.

Envisioned as a means of helping customers streamline operations by addressing problems early and effectively, Pharma Tech’s new Supply Chain Security System expedites matters deemed particularly urgent to the purview of the company’s leadership team. Headed by chairman & CEO Tee Noland, the leadership team makes expeditious recommendations to Pharma Tech’s Technology transfer team, which then fleshes out a detailed plan of action, including cost estimates. Upon the action’s implementation, a customer relationship management team provides regular follow-up reports to ensure that speediness never sacrifices satisfaction.

The Supply Chain Security System was introduced following an analysis of inbound calls that helped identify key reasons for pharmaceutical executives engaging Pharma Tech Industries. These include:

•    The need to identify a reliable supply chain partner to embrace new technology and lead its implementation and commercial execution
•    The need to rid themselves of chronic quality issues
•    The avoidance of significant internal capital expenditures and, conversely, ability to instead place valuable resources toward revenue-generating initiatives such as product development or sales/marketing
•    The desire to divest underutilized manufacturing assets

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