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Simultaneously Load, Palletize Bags

May 13, 2016

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Simultaneously Load, Palletize Bags
The BEUMER autopac simultaneously loads and palletizes bagged goods.

The BEUMER autopac simultaneously loads and palletizes bagged goods, such as cement or other material – without needing pallets.

The system stacks between 2400 and 3000 50-kg bags per hour and can work in rows or stacking patterns with a pre-selected number of layers. The loading height, including the height of the truck bed, can be up to 3.5 m (for a platform height of 5 m). The user has flexibility in forming the layers, dependent on the bag dimensions and the proper width-to-height ratio.

The user can move the autopac to its starting position from the control desk and define the number of rows or layers to be loaded. For each layer, the control program recalculates the height setting automatically.

The machine can load bags in double patterns of five or ten bags. The bags are flattened by the loading process using two stacked belt conveyors, which releases the air from the bags. After being positioned, the bags are also pressed by the loading head, which makes the stack more compact and more stable.

Unlike systems where bags are suctioned and lifted, the bags are not deformed by the BEUMER autopac. This helps when loading woven fabric bags, because it prevents the bags from breaking and stops material from being suctioned up into the vacuum filter.

An electronic counting device ensures that the truck is not loaded too lightly or too heavily.

BEUMER Corp., Franklin Township, NJ 732-893-2800 www.beumergroup.com

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