Compact Form Fill Seal System Introduced

July 8, 2015

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Compact Form Fill Seal System Introduced
Beumer's new sealpac form fill seal system

The needs of customers in the chemical industry may vary greatly; bulk density, flow characteristics and grain distribution of chemical products require flexibility in bagging and packaging until they reach the final customer. With the sealpac form fill seal (FFS) system, Beumer emphasizes a sustainable mode of operation. High throughput, availability and a compact design are key features of the new system. Reproducible weight accuracy of the bags is ensured. Furthermore, operators can handle the highly energy-efficient system ergonomically.

This FFS system forms a bag from a prefabricated tubular PE film and fills it with technical plastic materials like PE, PP, PA, or PS. Salts, building materials, fertilizers, or food products can also be filled into bags reliably, gently, and sustainably. This system is equipped with a weighing unit that ensures that the quantity of material filled is not too high, as this would result in high costs for the manufacturer. On the other hand, the bags must not contain too little material since the specified quantity has to correspond to the actual contents. Thus, operators always obtain exact filling weights with the new FFS system. Then the system seals the bags with a weight of up to 25 kg, handling up to 2600 bags per hour.

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