Automated Bagging Machines for Powders

January 15, 2015

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Automated Bagging Machines for Powders
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Umbra Packaging manufactures high-accuracy anti-dust bag filling and sealing machinery for dry powder products. PTI and Umbra specialize in solutions for the dairy, pet food, agricultural, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. Advantages include:

- expertise in filling powders into 25-kg or 50-lb bags
- dust suppression, de-aeration, and bag compaction for ultra clean handling, filling, and sealing of fine powders
- hygienic and sanitary machine design for clean manufacturing environment
- easy changeover for any bag size, material, fill weight, and closure, providing a versatile solution for customers requiring flexibility
- fully automated bagging solutions: filling and sealing, conveying to downstream equipment, palletizing, and wrapping.

Automated bagging machines for granular products are also available.

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