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Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizer

Article-Semi-Automatic Bag Palletizer

A-B-C Packaging Machine CorpThe Model 72SA semi-automatic bag palletizer improves the efficiency and ergonomics of hand palletizing heavy bagged products. With a sturdy compact design, the unit automatically lifts, positions, and loads bagged product from a low-level orientation table onto an awaiting pallet. This automation of bag palletizing can increase the efficiency of production while reducing the repetitive lifting motion associated with back injuries and resulting in higher insurance premiums. Bags are easily oriented upon soft touch ball bearing rollers by an operator. The operator slides the properly positioned bags over a low-friction roller transfer table to create complete layers. Once a layer is completed, the operator simply presses a push button control to activate the machine. The layer is automatically lifted and deposited squarely upon the previous pallet layer and the transfer table returns to its original position for the next load.
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