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New Ultra-Hygienic Solution for Valve Bags

Article-New Ultra-Hygienic Solution for Valve Bags

Ilersac VBF Sonic valve bag bagging machine
Ilersac VBF Sonic valve bag bagging machine

The new version of the Ilersac VBF Sonic valve bag bagging machine incorporates a hygienic finish (according to customer's requirements) that has been specially developed for high demanding industries such as food or chemistry. Therefore, it pays special attention to such essential aspects today as accessibility, cleanliness, precision, safety, absence of dust, and maximum level of automation.

This application incorporates ultrasounds for the closing of the bags and a placing station using an industrial robot that feeds up to three filling spouts inside a closed chassis, turning this bagger into a compact, safe, and hygienic one.

The main advantages of the new Ilersac VBF Sonic are:

  • Valve sealing by means of ultrasounds
  • Use of an industrial robot to ensure maximum speed and precision in the placement of the bags in the filling nozzles.
  • Reduced footprint: a single empty bag store and a single bag collection point allow a compact configuration of the bagging points, simplifying the supply of product from a single hopper as well.
  • Fully integrated compact chassis, including baggers and placing robot, conveyors, generators, and vacuum pumps. The dust is easily controlled and captured. Large doors enable easy cleaning and maintenance. A lower sweeper system for product collection can be added, so that the fallen powder can be re-shipped to hoppers.
  • High operating autonomy thanks to the single empty bag magazine: easy and simple to transport, handle, and install, thanks to its one-piece configuration. Configurations of one, two, and three bagging spouts served by a single placement robot.
  • ATEX versions and stainless steel treatments available at request

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