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Conitex Sonoco Launches BulkSak On-Demand

Conitex Sonoco USA launches BulkSak on-demand, a web-enabled inventory program.
Conitex Sonoco USA launches BulkSak on-demand, a web-enabled inventory program.

Conitex Sonoco USA, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) bulk bags, as well as other packaging products, launches BulkSak on-demand, a web-enabled inventory program that provides new and existing customers on-demand access to over 70 types of ready-to-ship FIBC bags.

Conitex Sonoco created the BulkSak on-demand program to address an industry need for quick access to domestically-available bulk bag inventory. With an FIBC manufacturing facility in Malvern, AR, the company is one of only a handful of bulk bag suppliers with U.S.-based manufacturing, as well as U.S. warehouse locations.  

“With overseas manufacturing lead times ranging from 12-15 weeks or greater, an inventory shortage could be catastrophic to a bulk bag end-user,” explains David Monteith, VP Flexible Products Div. at Conitex Sonoco. “The BulkSak on-demand program will supplement our existing domestic FIBC manufacturing and provide the opportunity for immediate shipments.”

“We have spoken with many purchasing executives who have lamented over the ever-increasing pressure to drive costs down, including their internal labor resources,” said Richard Brooks, director of sales and marketing at Conitex Sonoco. “With an overtaxed workforce and rising or unpredictable demand for product, manufacturers have no way to forecast reliable production levels. This creates a recipe for disaster in a growth economy.”

The BulkSak on-demand program will provide fast access to various standard bulk bags, as well as select specialty bulk bags and a wide range of flood and erosion control bags. Most stocked inventory items ship the same day when ordered before 1 p.m. Eastern and are available in pallet quantities.

Conitex Sonoco USA, Inc., Gastonia, NC 704-833-1353 www.conitexbulksak.com

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