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Bumper Guards for Orbital Stretch-Wrapping Machines

Article-Bumper Guards for Orbital Stretch-Wrapping Machines

TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch-wrapping machine with bumper guards
TAB Wrapper Tornado orbital stretch-wrapping machine with bumper guards

TAB Industries LLC has unveiled new bumper guards on its TAB Wrapper Tornado line of orbital stretch-wrapping machines.

Offered as an option on the company's standard and custom models, the new bumper guards feature precision, 16-gauge steel centered at the front of the orbital wrapper to provide a sturdy barrier that safeguards the machine from contact with lift trucks. As an additional safeguard, the bumper guards are covered in vinyl safety tape in a striking pattern that coordinates with the safety tape demarking the wrapping ring to provide lift truck drivers with a visual alert.

The durable bumper guards add to the series of designed-in safety features included as standard on the line of orbital wrapping machines such as steel machine guarding, multiple, built-in emergency stops, and a side-access door for plastic film roll replacement that automatically cuts power to the machine when opened. The bumper guards are designed to slide into the base of the 40-, 80-, and 100-in. TAB Wrapper Tornado models and can be retrofit on machines already in the field.

The patent-pending orbital wrappers automatically wrap plastic film 360 degrees around and under a pallet load to create a single, secure load that remains intact in transport and storage. The packaging machines ship fully assembled with a full warranty, ready to plug in and operate.

TAB Industries LLC, Reading, PA 610-921-0012 www.tabwrapper.com

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