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Material Handling

February 21, 2007

Railcar Connector
The CycloLift railcar connector with pneumatically actuated lifters streamlines the unloading of dual-outlet hopper-bottom railcars. Likeits companion model for single-outlet hoppers, the CycloLift is
designed to reduce the time required to mate railcar connectors with hopper slide gates while eliminating material spillage. Pneumatic controls allow operators to elevate the material chute from between the tracks, position the CycloLift adapter plates directly under each hopper slide gate, and mate them firmly against the hopper gates during the unloading operation.
Cyclonaire Corp., York, NE 888-593-6241 www.cyclonaire.com
Drum Massager
The Drum Massager solves the problem of removing hardened product from drums or boxes. The patented system has multiple sets of massager arms that compress the sides of containers to break up product, enabling easy discharge without puncturing the container. An integral rotating lift platform raises and turns the container to allow for multiple compression points on the containers’ sidewalls, further enhancing cycle effectiveness. A control panel features a touch screen menu system that adjusts for a wide range of product and container variables. On completion of a cycle, a once-solid mass has been reduced to small chunks and fines, allowing users to easily introduce the product into downstream processes.
Custom Powder Systems LLC, Springfield, MO 417-868-8002 www.custom-powder.com
High-Speed Palletizer
A high-speed palletizer with low-level construction gives packagers the convenience and economy of floor-level operation with the performance associated with high-level machines. The unit features a novel automatic grouping module that allows layer transfer during product accumulation, effectively staging and stacking layers every 15 seconds (4 layers per minute). Products are repositioned to any required orientation during high-speed operation with a servo-operated overhead orienter. The palletizer runs cases, trays, totes, bags or bundles. Changeover to preprogrammed pallet configurations is completed at the intelligent control station, which features an industrial-grade, 8-in. color touch screen display. The palletizer can accept product from a low-level or high-level infeed, enabling easy installation in existing line layouts. Incorporating a motorized overhead layer-transfer device and built with heavy-gauge steel, a reinforced transfer table, and a counterweighted elevator table, the unit has a compact footprint and modular design. The low-level design ensures easy access to operating parts and eliminates the need for costly catwalks, platforms, and overhead conveyors.
A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp., Tarpon Springs, FL 800-237-5975 www.abcpackaging.com
Portable Containment System
The Tank Trap is a portable containment system that is used to contain leaks and spills. It instantly snaps open to 20 times its stored size when removed from its storage case. No assembly, no inflation, and no setup are necessary. It is a fast way to contain leaking fuel tanks, drums or cargo, toxic substances, or contaminated soils and materials. In addition, it can be used for instant hazardous, biological or chemical decontamination. It is available in 50-, 100- and 150-gal capacities, is 100% reusable, and comes standard with a compact nylon zippered case or an optional outdoor storage case. An optional super-duty base for extreme conditions and an optional ¾-in. drain are available.
Andax Industries LLC, St Marys, KS 800-999-1358 www.andax.com
Diamondback Hopper
The Arch-Breaking Diamondback hopper prevents arching and ratholing with its one-dimensional-convergence (plane-strain) design. Its walls, which are 90° from the converging direction, offer minimal support for solids, and the circular cross section eliminates any sharp corners that trap solids. Because the converging walls take all the support, the hopper works effectively with flatter walls, while retaining the same arch-breaking capabilities as a long slot. In many cases, it eliminates the need for noisy vibrators, air cannons, and rotary valves and can use constant-pitch rather than costly mass-flow screw feeders. Because it provides uniform mass flow with no moving parts, the unit virtually eliminates costly maintenance.
Diamondback Technology Inc., Atascadero, CA 805-544-3775 www.diamondbacktechnology.com
Four-Point Stockpicker
The SP 3400 Four-Point-series stockpicker handles challenging loads on four wheels instead of three. Its unique load-path stability design decreases sway. An exclusive-access traction control module maintains precise operation and control by continuously monitoring the operator platform, height, speed, travel direction, steer-wheel position, and other system functions. In addition, a patented intelligent braking system (IBS) is integrated with the traction control module to ensure smooth braking at all heights.
Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, OH 419-629-2311 www.crown.com

Train Batch Weighing and Loading System
A fully automated train batch weighing and loading system has been successfully implemented for a variety of materials, including coal and coke. The loading system structure consists of a surge bin directly over the rail loading point. The railcars are flood loaded based on time, and a net weight is determined. When a unit train approaches the load-out, the track scale automatically weighs each empty railcar. The entire unit train, less the locomotives, is left on the siding. The locomotives then reenter the main line and reattach to the last cars. The train is then loaded so that the last tare weight becomes the first car to be loaded. Trains pass through the load-out at a predetermined steady speed and do not stop as they are being loaded. The size of each batch is calculated based on the maximum gross weight and the empty tare weight. Individual car data are obtained from a master database or via a radio-frequency badge installed on each car. The actual weight of the material loaded into each car is recorded in a database for the manifest, which is transmitted electronically for billing on completion.
Pebco Inc., Paducah, KY 270-442-1996 www.pebco.com