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Malvern Launches Consultancy Service for Particulate Processors

April 2, 2007

Malvern Instruments has launched a new consultancy service designed specifically to meet the requirements of the process industries. The service is aimed at helping manufacturers to better understand and optimize particulate processing operations.

The five-day consultancy package is built around Malvern’s Insitec Voyager, a fully automated, mobile on-line particle-size analyzer that is installed at the client’s site and is fully supported throughout by a Malvern process specialist.

A typical program involves: installation and optimization of sampling; measurement of the current status of the process; running defined test programs; and the generation of comprehensive reports. The aims include finding the best parameters for process control and testing sensitivity to process change. There is an option to rent or buy the Insitec Voyager system after completion of the study.

As part of the consultancy process, clients also have the opportunity to assess the need for permanent installation of on-line particle size analysis and to determine the optimal set-up required. Where a permanent on-line analysis solution is selected as a result of the study, then much of the preliminary testing and analysis normally required will already have been completed. This makes installation and commissioning rapid and straightforward, resulting in a much faster return on investment. Full details are available at www.malvern.com