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Gericke Earns Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Image courtesy of Gericke Ernst_Young_Award_GERICKE.jpg
Markus H. Gericke, CEO, Gericke
Ernst & Young cites Markus Gericke for family-owned business innovation

Markus H. Gericke, CEO of process equipment manufacturer Gericke, has been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 in the Family Business category.

Presented by Ernst & Young Ltd, Basel, at the consulting firm's 24th annual ceremony recently held in Zurich, Switzerland, Gericke was selected by an independent, 10-member jury for maintaining a commitment to quality, innovation, and growth as a family-owned and operated company.

Representing the fourth generation of family-owned leadership since its founding in 1894, Gericke spearheaded the company's transformation from a regional manufacturer into a multinational resource for automated bulk material process solutions. Today, the company serves, food, grain, chemical, pharmaceutical, pet food, and other powder processors from 12 locations worldwide to provide local customer service and expert engineering support on-site.

Under Gericke's direction, the company established North American operations in Somerset, NJ, South American operations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Chinese operations in Shanghai, among others, while developing key equipment advances and earning several patents. Its Multiflux GMS mixer technology has earned acclaim for achieving targeted uniform distribution within 30 seconds, the Feedos line of volumetric feeders offers highly accurate feeding and fast, easy cleaning, while the Easydos Pro and new Feeding Universal Controller provide automated control over the process.

“I'm grateful to EY for recognizing the vital role that family-owned companies continue to play as the backbone of a healthy economy,” said Gericke. “We're honored to serve as one of many standard-bearers for traditions and values like quality, service, and expertise that never go out of style.”

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