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Wolfson Centre Offers Bulk Solids Handling Courses in 2019

January 11, 2019

The Wolfson Center for Bulk Solids Handling Technology at the University of Greenwich in the U.K. is offering a number of short courses on a variety of topics related to bulk solids materials, including pneumatic conveying, storage, bulk material handling.

The professional courses are tailored for engineers, managers, skilled operators, maintenance personnel, and others working in the pharmaceutical, food processing, power generation, recycling and minerals industries.

Those interested in powder-related topics can take courses like “Electrostatics in Powder Handling,” “Caking and Lump Formation in Powder and Bulk Solids,” and “Measurement of the Properties and Bulk Behavior of Particulate Materials.” A number of combustible dust-oriented courses are also available, such as “Dust Explosions – How to demonstrate DSEAR/ATEX Complaince,” and “Dust Control for Processes.”

Wolfson’s course calendar for 2019 is: 

Feb. 14-15: “Pneumatic Conveying System Design”
March 6: “Dust Control for Processes”
March 12-13: “Port and Terminal Operations for Bulk Cargoes”
May 1-2: “Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials”
May 22-23: “Numerical Modeling of Solids Handling and Processing”
June 4-6: “Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials”
July 2-3: “Powder Handling and Flow for Additive Manufacturing”
Sept. 24-26: “Storage and Discharge of Powders and Bulk Materials”
Oct. 22-24: “Overview of Particulate Handling Technology”
Nov. 12-13: “Pneumatic Conveying System Design”
Nov. 14: “Rotary Valves: Design, Selection, and Operational Issues”

Advanced qualifications are not necessary to participate in the courses, but industry experience or a basic technical education are desired.  The Wolfson Center has offered professional courses on bulk solid materials for nearly three decades.

To view information about booking space at one of the courses, click here.

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