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Study IDs Most Expensive Food Processing Plant Sites in U.S.

June 18, 2018
Food processing workers. Image courtesy of Pixabay
Food processing workers. Image courtesy of Pixabay

An analysis of 25 metropolitan areas in the U.S. revealed that the Boston, Newark, NJ, and Fairfield, CA areas were the three most expensive places to operate a food processing plant, according to a new study by corporate site selection consultant The Boyd Company.

The survey, conducted on behalf of the Great Falls Montana Development Authority (GFDA), looked at metropolitan areas across the country that received raw materials from the Great Falls region. Somewhat predictably, researchers found that Great Falls, MT was the cheapest location to run a food processing plant of the 25 areas examined.

The Boyd Company ranked the list of metropolitan area by food processing plant operating costs:

1.) Boston
2.) Newark, NJ
3.) Fairfield, CA
4.) Seattle, WA
5.) San Diego, CA
6.) Los Angeles, CA
7.) Minneapolis, MN
8.) Chicago, IL
9.) Stockton, CA
10.) Modesto, CA
11.) Bakersfield, CA
12.) Fresno, CA
13.) Portland, OR
14.) Denver, CO
15.) Rochester, NY
16.) St. Louis, MO
17.) Portland, ME
18.) Hershey/Lebanon, PA
19.) Atlanta, GA
20.) Cincinnati, OH
21.) Dallas, TX
22.) Buffalo, NY
23.) Omaha, NE
24.) Boise, ID
25.) Great Falls, MT

“The Boyd survey reaffirms our belief that the Great Falls region is one of North America’s strongest communities for food processing operations,” Jolene Schalper, vice president of the GFDA, said in a press release announcing the survey’s findings. “With easy access to interstate and rail corridors, in addition to the low cost of natural ingredients, the Great Falls region has a lot to offer food processors.”

Several food processing plants have announced investments in the Great Falls area recently, including plans for a $20 million processing center by Montana Specialty Mills.

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