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RCMA Group to Build $32M Rapeseed Processing Plant in UK

June 6, 2017
Image courtesy of RCMA Group
Image courtesy of RCMA Group

Commodities trading and supply chain firm RCMA Group is investing £25 million, or about $32 million USD, to construct a new rapeseed processing plant in Atherstone on Stour, England capable of processing 100,000 tn of seed crush per year, an RCMA press release announced Tuesday.

“This is a milestone in UK oilseed processing,” said RCMA Group chairman Doug King in a statement. “Not only are we adding the first brand-new large-scale rapeseed processing facility in the UK since the 1980s; we have commissioned a highly sustainable approach to processing, reflecting our commitment to a more environmentally-friendly industry.”

The biomass-powered Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant will generate power in a sustainable manner using forestry residues and offcuts and is located near an existing grain store that will lower the amount of distance needed to transport feedstocks to the facility.

When the plant becomes operational in the fall of 2017, the company said the facility will have a capacity of 40,000 tn/yr of refined edible rapeseed oil and 60,000 tn/yr of high quality rape cake for end use by the animal feed industry. RCMA said 100% of the rapeseed processed at the facility will be sourced from UK growers.

“Rapeseed oil consumption continues to grow, fueled by health-conscious consumers, and RCMA sees a strong outlook for high quality vegetable oil with traceable UK provenance from farm to table,” the company’s release said.

In advance of the construction, RCMA is interacting with Camgrain, the operator of a grain storage site near the future plant, to build relationships with local seed growers.

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