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Metal Detector for the Quality Inspection of Rubber Mats

July 19, 2019
Image courtesy of Sesotec
Image courtesy of Sesotec

CY Handee Rubber Mouldings in the north of Malaysia produces rubber mats for a renowned international furniture company and is market leader in Malaysia. To meet the quality requirements that are demanded by the furniture company, CY Handee Rubber Mouldings decided to install a metal detector, and for this purpose they compared and evaluated Sesotec and another supplier.

For final quality inspection CY Handee Rubber Mouldings wanted to inspect large boxes filled with rubber mats before they leave the company. The objective was to ensure that the boxes exclusively contain rubber mats without any metal inclusions. Since the boxes are very big, the performance of the metal detector with respect to scanning sensitivity was of greatest importance because the sensitivity decreases with increasing size of the detector.

Sesotec‘s GLS tunnel metal detector is installed in a conveyor belt and provides highest sensitivity and maximum interference immunity. The GLS tunnel metal detector is used in many industry sectors. It detects all magnetic and non-magnetic metals and due to its extremely short metal-free zone can be easily integrated in every existing conveyor belt.

In addition to the technical reliability of the metal detector it was an advantage for Sesotec that they provided a demonstration system. This demonstration system convinced CY Handee Rubber Mouldings both with its easy installation and its ease of use and operation. The facts that the high scanning sensitivity requirements were fulfilled and that excellent detection results were achieved then resulted in a purchase decision in favor of Sesotec‘s GLS tunnel metal detector.

Technical features surely are important for the choice of a supplier, but a long-term partnership only can be based on excellent additional services, and for CY Handee Rubber Mouldings these were the crucial factors for their decision in favor of Sesotec.

Sesotec is a manufacturer of machines and systems for contaminant detection and material sorting. Product sales primarily focus on the food, plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and recycling industries. Sesotec's global presence includes subsidiaries in Singapore, China, USA, Italy, India, Canada and Thailand, and more than 60 partners all over the world. The Sesotec group presently has 540 employees.

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