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Dust Explosion Expert to Present Free Webinar on Aug. 9

August 3, 2018
Dr. Chris Cloney of DustEx Research Ltd.
Dr. Chris Cloney of DustEx Research Ltd.

Combustible dust explosions and fires are an all too common event across a variety of industries that work with powders and bulk solids. Dr. Chris Cloney of DustEx Research Ltd. recently launched an effort to document combustible dust fires and explosions around the world in a new online database, www.DustSafetyScience.com. Join Powder & Bulk Solids on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018 at 2 p.m. EDT for a free webinar on this ground-breaking project and how it might impact industry, regulators, and educational efforts. 

“The combustible dust incident database allows us to record, analyze, and generate knowledge from combustible dust incidents in real-time as they occur. It also allows people from similar industries but different geography to better understand the trends, successes, and challenges they are facing along with their peers,” Dr. Cloney said in a recent interview with Powder & Bulk Solids. “Long lead-time investigations are very important for understanding root-causes of high-loss incidents but are often years to complete - and may not provide the same increase in awareness as the facility explosion that occurred last week.”

Webinar attendees will: 

  • Hear about the Combustible Dust Incident (CDI) Database at DustSafetyScience.com  
  • Learn how data collection on dust explosions and fires will benefit operations around the world
  • Learn how DustEx Research Ltd. collects and processes data on explosions and fires and how they develop insights
  • Hear about how Equipment Makers, Companies, and Organizations are expressing interest in the project
  • Learn about the trends identified thus far and potential gleanings from the data in the future 

Dr. Cloney will also discuss the upcoming release of the 2018 Mid-Year Combustible Dust Incident Report that highlights fires and explosions that have occurred to date.  

“The mid-year report gives us a chance to check in on progress with dust safety around the world. Many of the formal and informal discussions around combustible dust safety come out later in the year or early spring, so analyzing the mid-year incidents gives us a chance to check in on these without waiting until the end of the following year,” the researcher said. 

To view more information, or to register, click here.

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